Garden Cake

This charming and humorous cake made to resemble a planter of lovely flora is made from white chocolate flowers, shamrocks, roses, turtles and hard candy grass.  One of our most popular cakes!  Made in 2 versions: one in glass “planters” (a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from) and cute cakes with plastic-safe “planters” for children (a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from).  Flowers and grass are set into dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting representing the earth.  Check out those quirky bees buzzing around!

Giuli Doyle is more than a master confectioner and baker, she is a magician, transforming sugar and chocolate into gardens, airplanes, bouquets of roses, and messages for any celebration. Her secret ingredient is the love she puts into each and every creation. I saw this when she sent me a cake in a box, so that one of my autistic patients could surprise her father on his birthday.

This young teenage girl assembled cake, candies, and fuzzy bumble bees into a edible garden that charmed both the giver and the receiver.

- Teresa D.