Gentle Floral

A pleasant and simply frosted cake adorned with cake tops made from daises and greens, silver ribbon and white tulle.  The occasion: a 25-year wedding anniversary.  Cake tops were beautifully made at the local grocery.

Two years ago on my birthday, I was shocked at my office when a rum  cake by Julie was brought in by a good friend who knows how much I love  Julie’s wonderful cakes. This year, the birthday CAKE was the birthday  GIFT!  Julie
makes many cakes, such as a delicious chocolate cake  that’s as rich and dark as her lemon cake is tart and bright—but her rum cake  is my FAVORITE. When the rum cake arrived, my officemates immediately  circled me and my cake, which seemed a shame to cut, it was so  beautiful.  The cake was big, but not huge, yet because of its  height and richness, there was more than enough to share with my 20-or-so  coworkers.  (Julie will show you a special way to cut the cake to maximize the cake to person ratio).  The rum flavor was so bold, the “wows” abounded–real rum! Not fake flavoring!   One of these coworkers enjoyed the cake so  much, she ordered a smaller version for her own birthday a few weeks  later.  I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Julie’s various cakes and  other delicacies on several occasions, even a shamrock lollipop she once  made for Saint Patrick’s Day.  Looking forward to next  time…

- J. Blessington