Toffee and Brittle
One of our specialty candies that will always please a crowd. A wonderful new addition to your parties. Delicious with ice cream. Peanut Brittle is available in two flavors: hot and regular. Comes in 1-pound packages.

“Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder!”
A truly fun accompaniment to that summer desert. Bring these lollipops to that potluck for smiles that will last all day long. Available in numerous colors and shapes. Don’t forget to try red, white and blue combinations for July 4. Individually wrapped in cellophane with pretty ribbons. Check for the minimum available with each order.

I sent my son in Iraq a package from Julie’s Premium Cakes. There were letter cookies, toffee, and blue airplane suckers. It was wonderful. He said, “These are great, Mom, we ate them very quickly after playing games with the airplanes.”

- Sharon H.

Guili Doyle is the master of her kitchen. For over a decade I have been privileged to partake of her candies and cakes.  Even thinking about them makes my mouth water and my taste buds tingle. Never have I been disappointed with any of her creations and creations they are, not only a feast for the mouth but, a feast for the eye. They are as beautiful as they are delicious and their quality is superb. My taste buds are tingling again!!

- M. Garcia