Cute Party Favors

Favors in Bags with Bows
Party favors are lovely in smaller bags.
Sizes: Various

Dancing Beak to Beak
Cute little ducks “dancing beak to beak” in water!
Wonderful for Easter or children’s birthday parties.

Bunny in a Box
Choose solid chocolate or krispy rice for your bunny.
Note the old fashioned gold box. Wonderful at Easter.

A Trio of Guitars
Sing along with our detailed guitars shown here in dark chocolate,
butterscotch and white chocolate. Acoustic guitar is 6 1/2″ x 3″ and
about 1/3″ at the neck. Electric guitars are 6 1/4″ x 3″ and about 1/2″
at the neck. Various colors are available. Very popular.

The Blues
Note the detail in these artistic white chocolate-flavored lollipops. Give the gift of music with these instruments! Very popular.

Nuestra Boda
“Our Wedding”. A welcoming party favor for your guests! Beautiful
small favors invite your guests to share in the love and commitment
of your wedding day. Available in various colors.

Hard Candy
Humorous little hard candy “pops” are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colors–check our listings. Treat yourself and your family to lollipops that will take you back to the days of the old-fashioned candy store.

Julie’s creations are made with utmost care and of the highest quality ingredients.  Whether it is her rich, moist cakes, yummy cookies or fancifully shaped candies, they are produced in Julie’s kitchen deliciously beautiful and expertly crafted just for your occasion.

- Sylvia K.