Graceful Cakes

This tall cake measuring 6-7″ high is simply decorated with one rose on each cake with a silver ribbon and white tulle.  Little frosting-kisses make up edges on top of the cake.  When looking for a cake that makes a difference, try asking for our highest cake.  Can be made in a variety of colors and flavors.  Extra cakes for service are available.

Julie Doyle didn’t just make our wedding cakes…she transformed our reception into a sweet culinary adventure for our friends and family!  Her hand-made rum cakes, topped with Madagascar vanilla bean frosting, simply adorned with fresh flowers, and perfectly arranged attracted the attention of all our guests.  Elegantly boxed grand opera cream truffles, placed at each table setting, delicately complimented the china and crystal and made the party sparkle.  The photographer took almost as many pictures of Julie’s creations as he did of the bride and groom.

- L. Hess

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Lemon Cake, you have not lived…yet! Create an opportunity for yourself to taste this creation from Julie’s Premium Cakes. This April we served Julie’s Lemon Cakes at the Moon Valley Chapter of the National Charity League’s New Member Orientation. The response was overwhelming. Everyone had such lovely compliments about the cake. The presentation was perfection, the flavor is so vibrant! Using yellow roses (the flower and symbol of the National Charity League) for the cake topper was just the elegant touch we needed. I’ll be ordering more cakes from Julie.

- Lisa M.