Wedding Boxes

Chocolate Boxes

These lovely boxes are shown here in white chocolate, but can be made in a variety of colors. Use them to keep a special note of thanks or a photo inside the box for your wedding–a gift for your wedding party or for the head table.

Heart boxes are wonderful for Valentine’s Day gifts.

An engagement ring is perfect inside our special engagement ring for your sweet love. A wedding Box used for an engagement ring are free of charge.

Other colors available. Click Chocolate & Hard Candy Lollipops and Molds for other wedding chocolate shapes and molds.

Tiny Box Table Favor

These tiny boxes, containing heart-shaped cookies or candy, are lovely on any table.

The Proposal Wedding Box

A white chocolate wedding box holds your engagement ring for a happy proposal. This “sweet” heart in creamy white chocolate makes your proposal ultra-romantic. “Yes” will be the answer with this original confection! Available in other colors, but white chocolate is recommended.

Free of charge if you order one engagement box for your stunning ring!